Monday, March 14, 2011

10 things I like about our new portal

I am so excited to finally share with you what kept me and the team busy for the last three months. Today is the birth of our new portal after night and day putting our heart and soul into this project.  Finally we can show this to the world


#1) This portal was designed and developed by our own team. It might not be perfect yet but we are learning and improving each day.

#2) I just love the color combination in this new portal – green, purple and grey. We are not professional designers but we are trying our very best to mimic the best web design out there.


#3) I also like the simple and clean design. I just hope that the public can easily find all the information they need without any hassle.

#4) I really did learn a lot while putting all of these together. It’s not an easy thing to do. Keeping on top of everything is really a challenge.

#5) We finally have a guestbook

#6) New and improve Directories. It’s a bit easier to configure in Sharepoint 2010 compare to the previous version.

#7) I like the Ecotourism information we put on the portal. It gives a chance for the public to take a peak at the beautiful places that we have in Malaysia.


#8) Finally our portal can be view on ipad, iphone and android phones.

#9) We finally venture into Social Networking / Social Media. You can now connect with us through facebook and twitter now.

#10)  Last but not least it’s build using Microsoft Sharepoint 2010. There’s a lot to learn about Sharepoint 2010, the sky is the limit.  Some of the features are great and some of them really need to get use to.

I would really love to put my heart and soul into this project. Making this the portal people will come to look for information about natural resources and environment.

I would also like to Kudos our team for the commitment, the heart and soul they put into this project!  Great job everybody! This  really is the team effort! XOXO

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syamimi fatin said...

bestnya dpt bermesra dgn alam

oh ye,
anda di tag!

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