Sunday, February 27, 2011

8 #RandomFunFacts about Me


#1) I slept through in a movie theatre while watching Star Wars movie
#2) I love to collect scrapbook supplies even though I rarely used them because I’m not a traditional scrapper
#3) I love the smell of books. I rarely got out of a bookstore without any books in my hand
#4) I hate numbers. Numbers makes me dizzy. I can’t barely remember them
#5) I hate Mondays and I love Wednesdays. It took me two days to adjust from weekend to work days but it took me a second to adjust from weekdays to weekends.
#6) I love Vampire related movies, novels or TV shows. What appeals to  me are the history and the mortality of a Vampire.
#7) Even though I don’t get Star Wars, I do get Star Trek. I’ve been a fan since Star Trek Next Generation
#8) I am a bit shy in person but in virtual world I am a bit talkative and friendly. How weird is that?

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