Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 things you can do to stay young at any age

I’ve been asked this question a lot….. I don’t look my age and what is my secret? I don’t really know how to response. I did a lot of things but I am not really sure if those things contribute to  staying young. Maybe they do.
So today I would like to share with you my top 10 things I do to feel better about myself and to grow older gracefully. Be the better version of myself at my age.
#1) Drink lots of water.
I really consciously make myself drink water. I got easily dehydrate if I don’t consume water every hour. I also drink at least a glass of milk daily. The more older you are the more important calcium is. Since I love milk, I never really stop drinking them.

water tips
#2) Exercise.
I can’t really stress enough how important exercise is in our daily life. I’ve been on and off the fitness wagon since like forever. I’ve notice that when I fallen off the fitness wagon, I totally feel tired all the time and a bit stress out. So this year I am making it my mission to exercise at least 5 times a week for the sake of the quality of my life. Strong woman stay young.
#3) Read for pleasure.
I’ve always love books since I was a little girl. I used to read like 10 to 20 books a year while I was growing up. I guess when I discovered internet, the habit of reading a good book also diminished. I still read for pleasure but the amount of books reduce dramatically. I still think reading is one of the things you can do to stay young because your brain will not stop working.
getting better all the time
#4) Recite Al-Quran daily
There’s no better way to exercise your soul other than recite all the  beautiful word in Al-Quran. I might not understand the meaning of the words but every time I recite them, it brings me happiness and a sense of serenity. Like they say, it’s the chicken soup for your soul.

#5) Wash your face and moisturize daily
I think as far as I can remember I’ve always maintain this routine daily. No matter how tired I am, I’ve manage to keep it up. The only time I’ve missed the routine was when I was in labour. I used different kind of products from SKII to Body  Shop to Loreal. It all depends on my budget during that month. I love SKII the best but it is so expensive to maintain. I also make it a habit to do facial at least once a month. Twice a month if  I’m up for it.
Generally I am a happy person. I can stay motivated when I have the drive and the passion for it. I like to surround myself with happy people and beautiful things. When things got ugly, I usually  ran away! But there are things in life which you can’t ran away from no matter how ugly it gets. I guess I have to learn the  skill to turn something ugly  into  something beautiful!  Like they say, when life throws you some lemons, made lemonade! 

#7) Be friends with young people.
There’s a lot to be learn from all kind of generations. For me I’ve find that younger generation  are very creative and innovative people. They are willing to share their knowledge. That way you will keep yourself update and relevant in any  era.

#8) Never stop learning.
I think the moment you stop learning is the day you die. Knowledge is all around you, take time to learn new things that inspire you.
I guess so
#9) Take photo of yourself daily
This is how I monitor how I look. If I  cried a lot, I can really see how ugly I look the next day. So I try to stay positive for the sake of my skin.
#10) Take supplements daily
I don’t really make an effort to really be a nutritionist and  focus on all the good quality food. I guess in today’s world good quality food only happened when you take the time and effort to plant your own vegetables and slaughter your own chicken! So the next best thing would be supplements. I take Byoung product three times a year and in between I took garlic pills, B Complex, Evening Primrose oil and Honey. Staying healthy is the key to being young.

Hope you enjoy my little tips.

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Rina AVAIL a.k.a Cik Betty said...

Mmm..interesting tips..especially drinking water becoz lately i find my skin is drier than before..

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