Wednesday, April 30, 2008

100 little things about me

I came across this idea from one of my fave blog my words . She said that everyone should do this. Hemm I'm not really sure if I can list 100 things about me but I'm sure gonna try. Here goes nothing. This list is not in any particular order. I throw them in as I go along.
1. I love photography. It's a great way for me to freeze time
2. I can surf the internet for hours
3. I like to watch people and try to imagine what kind of life they are having
4. I enjoy working out. Exercise makes me feel better about myself
5. Music can really influence my mood
6. I can filter things I like from the things that I dislike
7. I hate cooking
8. I am punctual and hate it when people are not
9. It is not easy for me to trust people
10. People scare me
11. I can be by myself without feeling lonely
12. I love ice cream and chocolates
13. I have a very hard time saving money
14. I have two siblings who died when they were a baby
15. I hate hospital
16. I love milk
17. Computer and technology really changed my life for the better
18. I am really into health and beauty
19. I love to dance and can never say no to a movie or TV show with dancing in it
20. I've struggle with self doubt and self confidence my whole life
21. I'm aware of most of my flaws
22. I'm a control freak
23. History was my favorite subject in school
24. Motherhood is the most difficult thing I have to do
25. I always thought I am a good mother until I became one
26. I am not a domestic goddess
27. I started to wear glasses in my early 20s
28. I love babies. Every time I see one, I want one.
29. I hate sleeping in the dark.
30. I want to be understood and appreciate.
31. I would love to have my own business someday .
32. I love lists but having trouble making them or sticking to it
33. Marriage is different than what I imagine.
34. I love to travel. My dream destination would be Rome and Paris.
35. I was an athlete when I was in primary school.
36. I am very lucky to be born a Muslim .
37. Seeing Ka'bah for the first time was so surreal.
38. I am really obsess with Star Trek and everything related to it.
39. Scrapbooking is the best thing that ever happened to me.
40. I discover that I have a talent for creative expression when I was pregnant with my second child.
41. I'm a hardcore adobe photoshop addict
42. I like living in this century but I would really love to live in Star Trek century.
43. I love being inspired 
44. Books have been influencing my life ever since I know how to read.
45. I can express myself better through writing than through talking
46. I am attracted to beautiful things and creative peopl
47. I love blogging. Having documentation of my life is really comforting. At least when I die, a part of me will still be here
48. I have a lot of unresolved issues
49. Anger is the the hardest emotion for me to control
50. I hope my kids will grow up to be good people
51. I pray that I did not screw up their lives beyond repair
52. I see a lot of myself in my eldest son
53. I wish I have a relationship with my daughter like Rory and Lorelai
54. I'm not good with confrontation
55. I love all things SONY
56. I can be very generous when I want to
57. Watching movies and TV show to help me dealt with my own problem
58. I lived in US for three years for school. It's the best years of my life
59. I really want to take my kids to Disney World Florida for fun some day
60. I plan to go for Hajj when I'm 40
61. I am by nature a happy and positive person
62. I love pizza and pasta
63. I enjoy reading teen books - Sweet Valley High, Fearless, Princess Diaries
64. I enjoy watching teen movies. Young people inspire me
65. I have way too much stuffs
66. Organization is a skill that I am still learning
67. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie still bugs me
68. I love to collect notebooks
69. I'm really bad at keeping plants alive.
70. I'm a loyal fan of Microsoft.
71. I would love to learn photography.
72. I never like primary and secondary school.
73. I need love and romance every day.
74. I love to pamper myself 
75. I hate to waste time doing things I hate. Life is too short for that.
76. I love living in a big city.
77. I am having a baby fever once in a while.
78. I can never understand what makes my daughter  throw a tantrum.
77. I love spending some time alone by myself. Just me and my computer.
79. My imaginary world is getting better and better.
80. I would love to be an expert in my field.
81. I can never stand people who think they are better than the rest of us.
82. I love buying books. I have too many of them already.
83. I love the smell, the touch and the whole idea of books.
84. I would love to have a maid to do all the things I hate around the house, so I have more time doing things I love.
85. I wish I can have a body like Jerri Love and Kathy Smith.
86. I'm trying very hard to make sense of my life.
87. I don't eat meat.
88. I would love to have SONY VAIO Notebook [the pink one] just for fun.
89. My motto this year is to Celebrate Life. Make every moment counts. Try to let go of the hope that I can change the past.
90. Learn to love ALLAH more
91. I love to run. It makes me feel alive.
92. Listening to music can help me concentrate and stay focus.
93. I love it when my daughter  plays with my hair.
94. I hate my hair. It's thin and fine.
95. I would love to be creative like Elsie Flanningan, Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins.
96. I am hoping that time will heal my broken heart. But till now I'm still waiting.......
97. I would love to have a financial freedom so that I can concentrate in doing something I love.
98. I hate playing computer games.
99. I used to have my own website with photos and stuffs.
100. I want to be happy in spite of everything. Decide to be happy daily.


Rina said...

U know what..there're 31 of your's same like me..^_^

Effa Sahat said...

mostly same.. but the best suits me no 24 and 25.

i'm facing it right now.. and blogging become my theraphy.

u inspired me a lot!

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