Saturday, May 2, 2020

Day 09: Ramadandaily

DAY 09: #ramadan2020
02.05.2020: Saturday

Day 46 PKP / MOC 

The second week of Mei is not done yet, and there's so many conflicting lingering around the virtual world. I don't want to comment much but I still enforce MOC to my kids, not going to the market more than one person and go out only when necessary determine my mom (a.k.a - ME). The threat is still out there. Enough said.

Anyway, I totally forgot that today should be weekend (is there such thing as weekend anymore?), all the days seems to blur. Work from home is not 9-5 but when deemed necessary by management regardless days and time. I think that's fair because we don't usually start working when we are supposed to work and we still have to juggle between week and home life.

I am so happy and thankful that I have these little gadgets that makes work form home possible and a lot of fun. I am glad that in the beginning of the year I have bought 27" monitor, magic keyboard 2 and magic mouse 2 for my destop setup. Right now I am obsess watching Desktop / Desk setup for macbook pro on youtube. I think I might need to have a macbook stand / dock so that I can have more space on my desk. Hemm I am also thinking of buying new desk and alex drawer from IKEA just to upgrade my setup. I need to do some budgeting because I can't buy all of them at once.

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