Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April is for

I cannot believed how my life changed completely in the last two years. Becoming a single mother with four kids and be on my own is definitely not in my lists. And yet life happened and I could have not been thankful. 

And suddenly this year Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and this cause the whole world to pause and focus on what is really important. Right now a lot of people are sick and some of them have died due to this highly contagious virus. I am constantly praying that me and my kids will survive this pandemic and live life as usual. For know Malaysia is in Movement Control Order and everybody have to stay at home. Non critical employees are working from home and schools are out for the moment.

I am so happy and grateful that me and my kids are alive, happy and healthy. It has been a long time since the last time I made a list like this. So here are my lists for April

April is for

  • Working from Home and get into a new routine 
  • Read  books on my book shelf
  • Make a new budget for April and rearrange a few things to make things last a little bit longer
  • Watch some old and new movies with my children
  • Meal Plan is the key to survive #stayathome order
  • Learn how to draw digitally with Procreate. I am enjoying this workshop from Bradot Brush on youtube
  • Make a scrapbook pages from photos on my phone
  • take photos daily if possible
  • continue writing in my DayOne App
  • call my family at least two times a week
  • Exercise at least 6 times a week. I need to stay healthy
  • I've learn to love lofi music on youtube

Even though I am looking forward for this Movement Control Order to be lift off, I am more looking forward for Covid-19 to stop spreading. May Allah bless us all and protect us


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