Wednesday, December 4, 2019

My December : This week goals

I cannot believe that I am already in December 2019. In less than a month we will be celebrating the year 2020. Oh my! I still remember back in the days where our Prime Minister announced the country Vision 2020. I used to think that 2020 was a long way to go and I imagined that Malaysian is going to be so advanced in technology, prosperous and everybody is rich. 

Fast forward to now, apparently the world is not as good as my imagination but I still think that humanity can evolved to be more generous, kind and care more about being a human more than anything else.

As for me I am still on my own raising four beautiful children. I love them dearly and I only wish the best for them. My world was collapsed in 2017 and now I am slowly building my own world and if I am brave enough probably my own empire.

As they say big dreams and big goals begin with one small step. And one of the ways to make things tangible and manageable is to set daily and weekly goals.

My goals for this week

  • take a deep breath, inhale and exhale slowly when I feel nervous and need to calm my mind
  • write in my Dayone journal daily. I need to practice journaling again. 
  • take my new online course on Udemy [Energy Healing with Color and Art]
  • finished my online course which I started last month. I have about 20% left in this course [ Your 7 Chakras]
  • continue listening to Then She was gone by Lisa Jewel audiobook. This is my first book by this author
  • go to Big Bad Wolf this weekend with the kids
  • I need to start coloring again - do coloring in Color theraphy app for 10 minutes daily
  • do Body Combat workout at least once a day
  • make my 20 for 2020 lists 
  • choose my one little world for 2020. I have a few words that I am thinking about right now - Happy - Sparkle - Shine - Mindfulness. I haven't made up my mind yet
  • do at least two project life pages this week
  • take at least one photo a day this week. I need to get in a habit of documenting my life in photo again
  • listen to money affirmation on youtube every day
I am going to live my life intentionally and be more present and live in the now. It is not easy to do but I definitely going to take on this challenge.

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