Friday, February 22, 2019

Basic Drawing you can learn easily

Hello lovelies. How are you this month? February is almost over and I am so looking forward to March. Somehow this year moves a bit faster for me. 
I have been busy with life and managing family of five on my own. So far I am loving the process. I am finally able to do all the things that I love, be myself and be happy.

I have always wanting to learn how to draw. I love art and I always thought that drawing was hard. Thankfully my son Hanif's show me that he can draw easily by following the instruction from Art for Kids Hub youtube channel.

Favorite videos from the channel

I can't believe how simple and easy it was to draw. As long as you can make lines you can draw. I love the energy of this channel, very loving, fun and creative!

My son has been obsessing over this channel for more than two weeks now and he has been drawing and coloring ever since. Here are a few of his art work.


Art-Hanif1 Art-Hanif2 Art-Hanif3 Art-Hanif4

I have also been practicing drawing myself and I really enjoy this creative process. It feels good to know that I can learn how to draw.

Art-Haniz2 Art-Haniz1

I highly recommend this channel for the whole family. Drawing and coloring is one of a fun activity that we can do as a family.


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