Wednesday, March 21, 2018

You are a badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

I love money and money loves me. I love money because .......

You are a badass at making money

I really really love the high vibration I get from reading and listening to this book. I love that this book help me to change my feelings and attitude towards money. One thing I remember the most about the book is "Money is currency and currency is energy", it's the phrase that Jen kept repeating over and over again in the book. Energy is the kind of thing the we can attract. I think how much money that we need is totally depend on our lifestyle. I really like that at the end of a chapter, she wrote affirmation about money and she asked you to write down why do you love money. The "why' of the money is what going to get you to move forward and do what it takes.

I highly highly recommend this book to anybody who wants to make money. You are a badass at making money!

This is definitely the kind of book you will read over and over again until you believe that you are a badass at making money.

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