Tuesday, January 16, 2018

One Little Word 2018: Simplify

Twenty seventeen has been a very tough year for me. My life has been turned upside down and I was left with emotionally and mentally exhausted. I started last year with an intention of CONNECT. I wanted so badly to CONNECT with my environment and with people in my life. I am not ashamed to admit that I have failed. I am not going to let that failure crippled me. People failed, shit happened and life is a mess. 

So this year I am going to invite SIMPLIFY into my life. I want things to be simple, process to be simple, life to be simple and love to be simple. It's about time I find the calm in all these chaos.

I have been playing with One little word since the last seven years and I have taken the workshop twice. This year I decided to enrolled in One Little word workshop again. Ali Edwards voice shoot me and I want to feel calm and surrounding myself with things and people that calm me.My One Little Word that I choose in the last seven years were:


Definition of Simplify

This year I would like to invite

Clear Space: I want to be comfortable with living with less

Be Selective: with all the things or people I want to invite into my life

Get out of Being BUSY mentality. Instead strive for productivity. I need to remember that less is more

What I hope to let go of this year : - Letting go of the things and people who no longer server me of make me happy. Be thankful for them and move forward.

I choose SIMPLIFY as my one little word this year and I want to create a life that suits me and make me happy.

So this year I intend to...

Simplify my life - stop putting up with toxic relationship, save money to travel and choose at least one destination, organise and simplify my digital life - only use one app for one thing, simplify daily routine so that I can be at work on time and letting go of the past.

Simplify my space- Declutter my home, minimise buying physical stuffs including books, declutter digital space

Simplify my spiritual journey - donate RM1 daily , recite Quran daily, solah without fail, write in my gratitude journal 3 things I am thankful for daily

Simplify my memory keeping - be selective when taking photos especially during vacation time, keep a digital journal (with DayOne App) , only use project life app for scrapbooking and only use Goodnotes app when I have the urge to write and doodling for journal. (I thinking of doing a smash book style journal in my Goodnotes app)

Simplify my health and fitness - find a simple healthy recipies, simplify my fitness routine, simplify my skin care routine (stop buying more than one brand for moisturising) and continue to walk more

Simplify my productivity - choose only one tool to help me be productive for at least a year.

Simplify my mind - keep all of my negative thoughts in a journal, dump everything from my brain ( I need to practice morning pages on a regular basis), read a book that help me be a better person (You are a badass comes to mind), Doa all the the time (letting go of control and let Allah do HIS MAGIC)

These are all of the things I intend to do and improve this year. I want to know what it feels like to live a SIMPLE LIFE. Create a living space with less stuffs. Be happy with what I have and find ways to make what I have more fun and exciting. I want to have a clear mind and sleep better at night.


(love this quote)

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