Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kindle Oasis 2017

This year I am going to make it my goal to read at least 20 books. This might not be that much book but for me it's a lot. I love reading but making the time to read can be a challenge. 

One of the trick to get me to read more is to have the book with me all the time. This is where my kindle has been very helpful. I can carry this little device with me all the time. And the battery life last more than a week which is pretty amazing. 

Kindle Oasis

I used to own Kindle Voyage but when I saw that Kindle Oasis 2017 has bigger screen size I was excited. So last month I went to Big Bad Wolf 2017 and bought myself a Kindle Oasis from KindleMalaysia. If you live in Malaysia and wanted to own a Kindle, you can buy them from KindleMalaysia. They have been around for sometime now and their services are great. They even offered to help me sell my Voyage.

My thoughts:
1. The display is amazing - it's beautiful, sharp and easier on the eyes
2. Higher storage than my previous kindle - It means I can save a lot of books in this kindle
3. Page turn buttons - This is one of the features that I love. To be able to press a physical buttons feels so great and satisfying compare to just tapping.
4. I just love that this kindle allows me to rotate the book how ever I like. That means I hold the book either with right hand or left hand.
5. Audible is also available with this kindle. I haven't try listening to Audible from this kindle yet but it's just great to have the option here.
6. I love the battery life. It can last me more than a week if I really use it daily. Other wise it can last for almost three weeks before you really really need to charge it.

I am enjoying this kindle so much. I don't know why I read ebook faster compare to physical book. I intend to fully go digital with books this year and I am going to read all of my 20 books for 2018 challenge with on ebook and audible.

I highly recommend this kindle if you have not own a kindle before and want a bigger screen and larger space. It's an investment that can last you a long time.

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