Tuesday, January 30, 2018

For the love of books [January 2018]

I am happy with the amount of books I have read so far. I have set a reading challenge for me this year to read at least 20 books. I am happy to report that I have finished about 7 books in total. I cannot believe that January is such an amazing reading month for me. I have never read this much in a month. This must be some kind of record for me. Alhamdulillah.

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1. Artemis by Any Weir 

I’ve finished reading this book today. I have mixed feelings about the book. I am not really comfortable reading science fiction book because it’s not my genre. I haven’t read The Martian so I have no idea what Andy Weir writing style is going to be like. I really like the idea of a city on the moon. The whole city were explained in detail from the point of view of Jasmine Bashara a 20 something girl who has been living on the moon since she was six. The book mention a lot of sciences to make living on the moon a possible. The story follow Jasmine Bashara a smuggler who try to make a living on the moon and get caught up in a conspiracy to change the dynamic and economic on the moon. Sometimes I have no idea who Jasmine was fighting against. That part of the story was a bit hard to follow. This is definitely an action pack techno thriller which I think I will enjoy more as a TV series.

I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. I still enjoy the book and will recommend it to anybody who enjoys sci fi book. 

2. Red Hope by John Dreese

After reading Artemis I had to read anothet scifi book. This time it was about expedition to Mars. 

What the book is about?
For two million years, Mars has hidden a ghastly secret. Two hours ago, the Curiosity Rover found it.With less than a year to prepare, four modern-day astronauts are forced to leave their families behind and risk their lives on what will become the most important expedition mankind has ever launched. With time running out, the fate of humanity rests in the hands of four doomed astronauts.“

What do I think?

I am constantly wanting to know what happened. The story was narrated in a third person and has a few characters that has a back story. I kinda wish that the author explore more back story of each four astronauts that was choosen for the mission. I feel a bit detached from the character and I don’t really care if they die or not. Other than that I really enjoyed reading this book. I will definitely pick up the second book - Blue Hope - because I wanted to know if the remaining astronauts get home safely. And how does the finding from Mars changes the history of the world.

I gave this book 4 stars out of 5, I love the story but I still think it can be more.

3. Master Todoist by S. J Scott

I enjoyed reading this book. I have been using Todoist since last year and I still have a lot to learn. I really like how Scott explain how to use todoist to be more productive and getting things done. He inspired me to review my setup to fit my goals and lifestyle. 

I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 because I enjoyed reading the book and learned a lot from it.

4.You are a badass by Jen Sincero

How to stop doubtingyour greatness and start living an awesome life. If can summary this book in two words it will be LOVE Yourself. There are many good points in this book that make me think deeper about my life. Listening to her narrating her book is also awesome. I’ve finished listen to this book in less than 5 days. I think I need to read the ebook and really highlight a few great points mention. It is true that if you let go and have faith in Allah, Allah will have your back. ( I do think the Universe mention in this book refer to God (Allah the Al almighty) )

I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 because it inspired me to be good to myself and love myself. I really needed to hear that.

5. Bad Things by Emily Goodwin

This is the third book from Love is a Mess series. This time the story follow Cole’s story which is three years after Twice Burn left off. I want Cole to find happy ending but so far I just wanted to take a peek at Luke and Lexis life after the wedding and a baby. Their story definitely give me hope that true love does exist. I really like reading about the bonding that Luke and Cole develop after the whole mess in Twice Burn. I am still not feeling the live between Cole and Ana but I still want to know what happened to them. So I will continue reading Battle Scars just because I am curious to know what happened to them.

I gave this book 3 stars out of 5 stars.

6. Killman Creek by Rachel Cain

This is the second book from Stillhouse lake. The story follows what happened after Gina found out that her ex husband break out from jail. I thought the story is going to focus more on how Gina is going to take control of her life by hunting down Marvin. I thought Marvin is the master of story but I was totally wrong. Marvin does not work alone and the people that help him murder all those girls make money from him. In the end it’s all about money.

I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 because of the unexpected ending.

7. Twice Burned by Emily Goodwin

This is the second book of Love is a mess series. This book continue with Luke and Lexis love story. Learning to trust someone after you have been hurt is not going to be easy. Luke and Lexis have their ups and down, I am so glad that they made up and finally be together. I love a happy ending story.

I gave this book 5 stars out of 5 because I love the characters and I finished reading the book in less than a week.

Currently reading
1. Blue Hope by John Dreese
2. China Pandemic by A.R. Shaw
3. NYPD RED 4 by James Patterson

I am looking forward to a good reading month in February.

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