Wednesday, December 20, 2017

One Little Word 2018

It's that time of the year again where everything is wrapping up and we are planning and moving forward to a new year. Two thousand seventeen has been a really challenge for me. Life as I know it has crumbled again and this time the pain is way too much for me to handle. I need to change my action because I can no longer live a lie. In all the chaos and heart break I tired really hard to keep my life as normal as possible but somehow I just can't create. Memory keeping has been such a painful thing for me to keep up. I took a break from doing that things that I love the most because I don't want to associate the happy activities with a bad memories. 


I have to slowly build up my life and be my own person. I can't lead anybody define who I am. I have to love myself enough to walk away and find my own path. I need to love myself again. So yesterday I decided to sign up for One Little Word class for 2018. I need to find a word, powerful word that can empower me and give me strengths in 2018. I need to be strong for myself, be strong for me kids and be strong for my faith and believe. Maybe STRONG should be my word for 2018. 

Right now I still have no idea what word I want to choose for 2018. Forgive , Space, Simple, Happy , Heal, Magic, Strong and Reset are a few words that has crossed my mind at the moment. Simple or Simplify can really be a great word for me too for 2018. This year has been such a mess and too many chaos in my life, perhaps the word SIMPLE can help me keep every thing in my life more organise and less chaos. I really need to think a bit deeper about this. I have less than a few days to decide on a word for 2018. I want to be ready when 2018 comes. I want to be happy and content with my life. Less is more and one is a very powerful number. I think above all else I need to be happy with myself. Getting to know myself again is probably the most important thing I have to do next year. 

Enough rambling for now. I will let you know what I decide in the next few days which word I choose to invite in my life next year. If you are interested to know what One Little Word is all about you can click this link and probably sign up. It's a wonderful journey of self discovery. I have done this a few times in the past and it has really help me a lot. Ali Edward is an amazing teacher. I love her style of documenting life. Hopefully this journey will help me a better person and be more content and happy with who I am.

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