Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Haul // my son choose books for me

I have been buying books for as long as I can remember. I used to buy Malay books a long time ago but somehow I just stop. I don't know why. Maybe because I don't really know the author from this generation and I totally forgot all the local authors I used to love and read.

So today I decided to let my son choose three books from local author and I am not going to say anything about it. I just let fate decide. I really need to read outside of my comfort zone and expand my reading experience. 

Oooo I am so nervous...




1. Projek Seram POKOK by Ebriza Aminnudin, Aziah Zainal and Syasya Bellyna

I am not a fan of scary stories , so this book might not be in my radar. I hope I am brave enough to read it. 

2. Rule untuk Calon Isteri by Azwin Zulkapli
This is a contemporary book about marriage and second chances. I usually have a lot of trouble reading Malay love stories because sometimes the story doesn't make any sense. I am going to keep an open mind and just read the book


3. Heroku Anak Emak by Iffa Zalia
Another contemporary love story book which explore the dynamic and complicated relationship in marriage. Erghh the title alone makes me cringe. 


That's the three Malay novels I purchased in a really long time. I wanted so bad to fall in love with Malay books , hopefully this will be the book that is going to make me explore more.


As a book lover, I have to buy books for myself too. So I choose ....

I am a backpacker - Turki by Shafiq Shafie - just because I am going to Turki next month and I wanted to know more about the places I'm going to go.


And the second one is I'm a Backpacker: Europe by Khairul Abdullah - just because I have been dreaming of traveling to Europe for the longest time. This will definitely be the next place I want to visit. 


I like learning about the culture, the people and the history of all the places I go. Maybe one day I will have enough money and ample time to make my dream comes true. I always imagine that I go travel with my son after his graduation. Be with each and at the same time experience the world together for the first time.

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