Thursday, September 7, 2017

#thursday3 {7.9.2017}

It's Thursday and it's time to document three facts about my life this week. The most horrible thing happened to me this week and I choose not to document them here but to put them in my DayOne App. 

I am at my lowest point of my life right now and I discovered something about journaling. It is definitely the best tool in the world to help me deal with emotional turmoil. I just need to find the time to do it and not skip the process. I have been trying Morning Pages for the past few weeks. I am in love with the process and the idea of dumping all of your conscious thoughts on paper is so liberating. Not editing and filtering. Let all of them go, even your darkest thoughts. I can't believe that those dark thoughts and feelings has been inside me for a long time. Admitting them to myself is the first step of letting them go.

#thursday3 (07.09.2017)


1. I have finished reading The Lucky One book by Mark Edward. This book is not one of Mark Edward best work but I still enjoyed the story. I secretly wish that the "Viper" will do what he did to Ben with my current situation. Hehehe...

2. I suddenly feel excited again. Having a plan to be who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do is amazing. I am definitely putting all of my bucket lists of places I want to go into my action for the next five year plan. Thinking and planning about all those exotic places really helps me to focus on the amazing thing in life

3. I am in love with audiobook. Somehow listening to the stories and reading about them gives me the best experience of both world.  I am currently listening to Close to Home by Robert Dugoni. I am excited to find out what Tracie Crosswhite has been up to. I am also have four books in my audiobook queue. I hope I can finished all of them this month.

Think about it this way…If you take one picture and write down three facts each week — at the end of the year you’ll have more than 50 photos of yourself and 150 facts about what life has been like. It would make such an epic All About Me book — and most of the work is already done." - 

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