Monday, September 4, 2017

Day 4: I feel my best when .. {30daysoflists}

List 4

I am extremely happy that today is unexpected public holiday. That mean I have one extra day to chill at home and not think about work. I spend the day watching Zoo season 3. I can't believe that this story got more interesting from episode to episode. The person that I never would have thought survive this animal apocalypse is Jamie and yet she ended up being the toughest woman in that world and the richest one. Maybe I could be like Jamie, have a strong will to survive and do anything to make sure that I am still breathing tomorrow.

This is my take on today's prompt

I feel my best when...

Day 4: I feel my best when..

The lists reads

  • I get enough sleep
  • I dream of my happy life
  • travel with my family
  • I binge watching my favourite TV shows
  • I had a bowl of ice cream
  • I learn new tools or new technology 
  • I had 30 minutes of intense workout

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