Saturday, September 2, 2017

Day 2: I am excited for .. {30daysoflists}

List 2

It's finally weekend and usually on Saturday I went out for a morning jog but somehow this morning I felt like staying in. I will probably do my workout at home and plan for today's meal. I am not sure if I want to cook or order a take out. If I feel a little bit adventurous I might try a new recipe 😁 ❤️😍.

This is my take on today's prompt

I am excited for ....

Day 2 : I am excited for...

The list reads

  • 30 days of lists challenge 
  • vacation plan at the end of the month
  • Star Trek Discovery
  • new adventure ahead
  • new management at the office
  • learning Affinity Photo for MacOs
  • September 13 (in Malaysia) for Apple Event at Steve Job theather
  • the new iPhone announcement
And there are a few new book release in September which I am looking forward to like the new Tracie White series, Sleeping Beauty by Stephen King and his son Owen King - I just got to read this book!

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