Friday, September 1, 2017

Day 1: But First .. {30daysoflist}

Welcome to the first day of 30 days of list for September 2017. It's finally here, September the month of change and the month of list. I have been doing this project for the longest time and I have tried many ways to host my lists. This time around I choose a simple notebook with a few touches of colors, washi tape, stickers and project life card to decorate my page. Decoration is an option this time. I had so much fun preparing this notebook. I do miss writing my stories and a physical notebook but the convenient of digital makes me stick to digital for most of my planner and journaling.

List 1

This is my take on today's prompt

But First...

Day 1: But first

The list reads

  • brush my teeth
  • morning Solah
  • recite Quran
  • eat overnight oats
  • watch youtube channel
  • workout with T25 SPEED 2.0
  • Vacuum my room
  • take a shower
  • be ready for the day
Super simple and nothing fancy. These are basically my morning routine which can be different if it's a holiday or during the weekend. Lucky for me September 1st is a public holiday here.

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