Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The longest year ever!

This year has been such a long year for me. I have never felt like the days move slower before. Is it just me or something is up with the universe. Does anyone feel that way too? I wonder.

I felt like the things that happened in January seems like a long time ago. Like a  a distant memory for me, the time when I though everything was okay. And then Bamb! Just like that my whole world collapse and changed instantly. I felt like I have been living a completely different lives in less than seven months timeframe.


Here are some random stuffs that shook my world to the core

- I used to enjoy hiking and camping as an activity that I can do with my loves one. Now that seems like a distant memory. I might sell my hiking and camping equipment in the near future because I don't think I will ever do that activity ever again!

- My father has to move out from our home this month. I no longer has a place that I can call home at my hometown. The house the we grew up in is no longer available to us. I loose the only place where I feel closer to my dead mother.

- My immediate boss decided to retire way before his time. When the day came I felt kinda sad because I like working with him. The way he look at the world is so different and sometimes pretty amazing. I am not sure who my new immediate boss will be like. I am still waiting.

- We as a family finally have the opportunity to make a plan to travel together as a one big happy family. I am so looking forward to our trip later this year

- My colleague and friend is going away to further her studies and will be working under me anymore. I felt sad because I am going to loose someone I could trust as a friend and as a coworker. Hopefully our friendship will remains.

- My whole world is crumbling at the same time and I am doing the best I can to keep it together. I might loose everything I hold dear but I still have to go through it. It has to be done in order for me to move forward. It feels such a long time ago when my family were still together and we were happy. Now everything is falling apart.

- Waiting for the next Apple event seems like forever. So many beautiful things are made in technology world and I so glad that I stick to Apple because of it's simplicity. Oh I also bought my first Macbook Pro ever this year. I feel like I am living a dream. I just love the new keyboard. And now there's a lot of rumours for iPhone 8 and I am so nervous that the price is going to be expensive and I still buy it.

- SEA Game 2017 is happening right now and Malaysia is a host. So some of my team member join to volunteer  for the event and they will not be at the office for more than two weeks

- The General Election rumours has been lingering for awhile now and nothing seems to be happening at the moment

- There seems to be a lot of speculation and rumours about centralisation of IT personnel in the government but somehow there are still no clear direction about our scheme in the near future. Is it happening or not seems to be the question people are asking

- I totally stop doing Project 365 and project life pages since July. I just can't bring myself to document the most horrible thing that has happened to me again. I just have to kept those feelings private at the moment. I really missed doing scrapbook project. At the moment DayOne app and 5 minute journal has become my best friend

- I finally have the budget and the opportunity to install laminated floor in my house. Things seems to look pretty different at the moment.

Wow! I can't believed all of these happened and are happening in 2017. I am hoping and praying that the next few months will be a great month for me. Things might get though in a few weeks but I have to believe that I am strong enough to face it. May Allah help me in my journey.

2017 please be good to me for the rest of the year

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