Thursday, August 3, 2017

🎸 Life Playlist 🎧

Words cannot express how much I love this little boy. He is growing up beautifully. He is a boy with lots of love to give and I am so lucky to be at the receiving end. I love him so much. His life might not be as normal as what it should be , I am determine to make his life full of love, fun and happiness. 

Untitled Untitled
Kid is the most resilient creature when it comes to change. It gives strength to know that no matter what happened he is going to be ok.

One of many ways I can share my experience with him is through music. I love music and it has always help me to cope with a lot of life challenges. At the moment I am trying Spotify Premium 30 days for free. At the moment I am listening to this Playlist and I am obsessed with it.


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