Friday, August 4, 2017

Getting Rid of things

When you are facing with a life changing event, things can easily get out of control. Some times you get sucked into an emotional vortex which you swear never to be in again. I need something to keep my mind busy and at the same time heal my heart and my soul. I refuse to play the blaming game. I choose to move forward and say goodbye to things or relationship that doesn't work anymore.

I am so thankful I found this video: 5 Things to get rid of for a happy life

"Letting go of a draining relationship. You deserve a relationship that nurture you to become a better person. If you have to force it, leave it, if it doesn't nurture you, leave it, if it is destructive, leave it. Embrace the impermanence of a relationship. And honor that it did serve you at one point in your life but no longer. Help you to move on and pay more tribute to the relationship that's do actually nourish you." - 

These words definitely helps me a lot. I need to focus more attention to a relationship that nourish me, not on a toxic relationship and doesn't work. 

I am also keeping myself busy with planning and organization to keep everything in check and to keep my distant from being too emotional. I need to be strong and fight every battle that comes my way. Suddenly this feels like going to war. I need to prepare my ammunition. I might have lost the battle but I am not losing the war. I have to keep fighting.

I love GTD method and I love Evernote

And I am also in love with ToDoist

Everything happened for a reason. I am excited for the next adventure of my life. This is probably the best thing that ever happened to me, the push that I need to move forward.

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