Tuesday, August 8, 2017

5 things Digital Planner

I have been into planner since 2015. I was so obsessed with all things planner. I bought so many planners, pens, color pencils, stickers, washi tapes and many more like crazy. As always all things crazy really got out of control in no time. I was also into journals and bullet journals and I can't seem to stop trying to find the planner peace. 

This year I decided to keep things simpler and I only do my planning digitally including writing on my journal. I can be more productive and at the same I can control the paper mess in my home.

What changed? - iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, GoodNotes app and iPlanner from digitallyspeaking.net.

5 things Digital Planner

Here are five things why I adopt a digital lifestyle with Digital Planner

1. I have everything in one place - I used to have a home planner, work planner, project planner, journal and they live at different places. Carry all of them on the go is a hassle. Now I only carry my iPad and I have all of my planners in one place.

2. No more mess - I have stop hunting for perfect stickers and I have stop printing stickers. All the decoration stuffs that I need are available on google. Any text, any images I can find and add them to iPlanner. It so easy and convenient. I still can cut and paste stuffs but everything was done digitally. No more physical mess.

3. Unlimited Space - I can have as many planner as I want and as many note papers as I like. There is no limited. I am finally free of no enough space anxiety. Now I can use my planner anywhere and any time without have to worry about running out of space. There's always more space.

4. Adaptable to my needs - I can basically try any method of planning and journaling on my Digital Planner without have to waste money buying and trying different planners. I can adjust or setup my planner as often as I like. Editing, deleting and moving things around is so easy.

5. Work well with others - I usually do my setup and planning on Sunday on my iPlanner. Then I add all of time sensitive tasks on my Google Calendar and all of my to dos on todoist. iPlanner might work like a tradition paper but it lives on my iPad and it is so easy to transfer all my notes and tasks to Google Calendar and Todoist. 

Daily Planner

There are so many beautiful tools out there for productivity and planning but I still prefer writing on my iPlanner. It feels good to write things down and it helps a lot with remembering thing.

I think right now the Digital Planning community is growing and so many people are trying out this new way of writing things down.
Here are a few facebook group you can join

- iPlanner Digital Planning
- All Digital Planner
- Digital Planners and Journal Worldwide

I am so excited with the blooming of digital planner in planner community. It's an alternative way to planning and merge the traditional way and a new way of doing things. It's fun, it's cheap and it's a smart way to memory keeping. 

I just hope that electricity,internet, wifi and cloud storage will be available to us for many years to come.... hehehe...

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