Monday, July 10, 2017

Things we forget // Project 365 version

I have been a bee preoccupied lately with side projects and things that need to be done and planned that I have been neglecting my fitness routine, blogging routine and morning pages routine. Hopefully this week I am able to pick up the pace and get back into my normal routine


Day 184 / 365 - First day at work after a long Eid break and it's already July. I cannot believe that time flies so fast when I am not working. I want more time for myself, more time for my kids and more time for my home.
  Day 184-365

Day 185 / 365 - Second day at work, I had to take this little boy to work. He was so good today and I felt so happy having him with me. Digital detox is not easy, once you are addicted it's not easy especially when you are 5.
  Day 185-365

Day 186 / 365 - The second day I had to bring this little guy to work. He was not being so cooperative because I had to left him alone in my office because I have a morning meeting with my team. 
  Day 186-365

Day 187 / 365 - My beautiful nephew and niece. These two reminded me a lot of my childhood - back when there was only me and my brother (Atan). The two of us fighting all the time but still love and care for each other
Day 187-365

Day 188 / 365 - My quest to find the perfect outfit for cold weather. Travel for all has a huge sale this month and I decided to check out a few winter clothing. I wanted something light (the hiker in me always wanted something light) and still can keep me warm enough. This one looks pretty but a little bit heavier for my liking.
  Day 188-365

Day 189 / 365 - Today I decided to do a little bit of home deco shopping. I wanted to have a little be of room makeover. I wanted to declutter a few things and try to match everything into a theme. One of the things I wanted to buy was portable bluetooth speaker and I decided to go for SONY because I trust SONY when it comes to great sound quality. 
  Day 189-365

Day 190 / 365 - Outing with Hanif can be a lot of fun when he is in a good mood. Once he started to throw a tantrum, all hell broke loose hehehe
  Day 190-365

Day 191 / 365 - It's Monday again and I am not fasting today. So I decided to have lunch with my two boys. They are both studying at the same University and in the same Foundation. My kids might not be a scientist or engineer but they are definitely excellent in creativity side.

  Day 191-365

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