Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The "iphone" epidemic (My story)

Two thousand seventeen is the year iPhone turned ten years old. Wow! I cannot believe that this small device has changed the world. No one cannot denied the impact iPhone has on our lives today. Either you are a fan of iPhone or you hate iPhone, you still know the name and know what iPhone is.

Happy Birthday iPhone - 2017
(photo credit: from Over app on iPhone)

As a consumer I started using iPhone in 2011 (iPhone 4) and at that time the price of the phone was subsidise by Maxis. Little did I know that this phone was going to changed my life and the life of many people. Who would have thought that this phone was going to change the way people live their lives today.

The Story

Back in the days when I started to use mobile phone (probably samsung c90 and sony ericsson or maybe acer), I never would have consider using my phone as my go to camera. I even said that I will never ever used a phone as my camera. It just didn't make any sense to me at that time. And then I started to use HTC phone which can be considered as a smart phone because I can browse the internet and checked my email. That phone had a build in keyboard which I think was so cool even though it was a bit bulky and ugly. 

In 2009 - 2010, I started to use Android phone which I think was a great substitute for iPhone ( I think during that time people all over the internet was talking about how amazing the iPhone was). I had a glimpse of what the smartphone can do with Android. At the time I was happy with my phone. And then there was an Instagram app that took the photography world by storm. People all over the internet were obsessed with Instagram because at that time it was the only social media that can took a photo and immediate apply cool filters within the app. Too bad there was no app for Android and Instagram was not available via browser. 

So in 2011, I decided to jump into iPhone just to see what the fuss was all about because during that time I was due for a new phone because my current phone was getting slower and slower and it crashed all the time. So I went to Maxis store that they offered the iPhone package with one year contract for less than RM1500 (I think heheh). If I went for two years contract I could get the phone for free. 

At first I was a bit disappointed with iPhone because for one I can't connect with my google account for contact, for emails and many more things google out of the box. I need third party app for that. I can't download music easily, itune was an alien to me. I couldn't changed the ringtone and the camera app sucked. No front facing camera which makes self portrait harder than I used to. To be honest I totally hate the iPhone. There were not many things I can do with the phone and lots of the app in the App Store cost money. Instagram was the only thing that I was excited about. 

So I spend sometime learning how to use the phone. For the things I can't changed I just have to learn to live with it. After awhile I get used to the limitation and started to enjoyed the phone more. It was super fast for it's time and it still works as new after I used it for more than a year. That was it for me. I never looked back. The simplicity of the phone that makes me stick to it. Every year the iPhone evolved into something more, connecting to google world is easier now, front facing camera getting better and better. Even when they get rid of the earphone jack and remove the home button, I still think it's cool. Every thing that they introduce since then seems to works for me. 

What changed since 2007?

Internet in your pocket
This is no longer a dream. The internet is literally in your pocket. With this you have access to the world. It's literally amazing when you think about it.

Office has moved from physical to virtual (in the pocket)
Now people are no longer tied to their desk to work. We can be anywhere in the world and can still stay connected. 

Camera phone is now my go to camera
The camera on these smart phone has changed dramatically including iPhone. iPhone 7 plus introduced dual lense camera and now I rarely take out my canon camera. I have not touch Canon DSLR camera in a really long time.

Social media become more popular
And this definitely push "the government" to be on social media as well to reach the people. This makes my job a little bit harder because they still see social media as an IT job.

The Industries have moved to touch screen phone
Now everybody can have a smartphone. A lot of companies have made the investment to make an affordable touch screen phone for everybody. As the results the way we work has changed too. We rely more on our smartphone for everything now - calendar, to do lists, notes, alarm clock, reminders, maps, food, transportation and many more.

New industries / new job being invented 
All of these things are not possible if we do not have internet with us all the time. Cloud computing starting to bloom and big data is the new science now. Everybody is creating content every second which makes it near to impossible to analyse and make sense of everything without big data. Limited storage and limited ports on the iPhone has pushed wireless storage and wireless / bluetooth hardware in the market (like printer, mobile printer, smart watch, speakers, ) and just like that Internet of Things was borned.

the iPhone generation
(the iPhone generation- he is able to operate this device out of the box. I don't even need to teach him to use this)

When you think about the craziness this one piece of technology has inspired how the world has transformed, you might wonder what the world would be like if iPhone has never been borned.

So Happy Birthday iPhone and thank you for all the wonderful ten years

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