Saturday, July 29, 2017

Living a Digital Lifestyle 2017

I have been struggling between digital life and analog life for a really long time. I wanted to go full on digital for the longest time but somehow the technology and the internet connection wasn't great enough that we can rely on. Finding the right technology that we trust is also an issue. I mean keeping all of your life and stuffs on is really scary. Anything can happen and anything can collapse in a blink of an eye.

Living a digital life

Weather we like it or not we are in edge of change. Digital lifestyle is slowly creeping into our lives. We are now connected beyond our wildest dream. Things like clock, bulb, CCTV, aircond, TV, alarm system and many more are now have their own bluetooth and IP address that makes connectivity easier. All of theses things that have internet connection can be control and manipulate. We can have easy access to them and it can also be easily hack from anywhere.

This is a controversial topic that has people debate about the pros and cons for the longest time. As for me, I am always up for things that can make my life better and easier. Since the last few years I have been transitioning from analog world into digital world bit by bit. 


1. Photos - Ever since the birth of digital camera, photography world has completely changed forever because every body is a photographer now. People rarely print their photos anymore including me. I still print a few photos out for my journal and project life album. It's hard for me to go fully digital on photos but I am still going to try. The end game is you can access your photo anytime and enjoy them in tangible manner. Maybe in a few years I will completely adopt digital lifestyle with photos.

2. Musics - I don't even buy CDs anymore. I subscribed to Apple music and I can access the music that I love anytime any where from any devices.
No more stacks of CDs all around the house

3. Books - I never would have thought that I will be reading a book from a tablet and kindle. Now I am an avid digital reader and this has totally changed everything. I am always have a book with me every where I go

4. Audiobook - I haven't really try listening to audiobook before since the only time that I can listen to the audiobook was in my car CD Player. Now with the birth of could and high speed internet, I can listen to audiobooks anywhere I go, with any devices. I am loving Audible at the moment and because of this I am able to consume knowledge all the time.

5. Planners - I was obsessed with physical planners for almost two years - Kikki K , Erin Condren, Filofax and the whole planner world and I was not satisfied. I kept buying cute stuffs, never satisfied and overwhelmed with decorating my planner. This year I decided to go fully digital with my iPad Pro 9.7 and Apple Pencil. I have iPlanner 2017 and Goodnotes to satisfied my needs for writing things down and decorating.

6. Time Management and Scheduling - I know that I love planning iPlanner for 2017 but I still use Google Calendar to manage my time. It's the best calendar system at the moment. And I hope Google calendar will be more powerful in the future.

7. Movies and TV Shows - I used to watch or buy movies or TV shows all the time. I have boxes fill with DVDs which now I cannot watched anymore because I don't have DVD player anymore. Now I watched TV shows on Hulu, Netflix and CBS all access. It has a full collection of my TV shows which I can watch over and over again. Right now I am watching FRIENDS on Netflix and this shows never get old. It makes me feel better.

8. Quran - I still have a few Quran around the house that I keep at home to recite. Now I can recite to Quran anytime and anywhere. Now I have Quran with me all the time like in my phone and ipad. 

9. Digital Scrapbooking - I have fully migrated to digital scrapbooking ever since I discovered Adobe Photoshop way back in 2005. At that time finding a beautiful scrapbooking kits was not easy. And now there are so many digital scrapbooking sites to satisfied my needs.

10. Home Management - If possible I have all of my bills send to me digitally mostly through emails. I had all of my warranty card/letters, Birth Certificates, Insurance Policy, Bank Statements and all the administrative documents scanned into the cloud. Now that I have Evernote, I save all of my documents there for easy access. 

I am slowly and consistently migrating my life into a digital lifestyle. I do hope that electricity and the internet will always be here otherwise all of your life will disappear for good and you can't access them. Setting up a system that you can trust is imperative. You can't fully go digital without a system that you can trust. In a way it's like a marriage. No matter how hard you try you can never have a successful marriage without trust.

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