Thursday, July 13, 2017

I am going to miss this moment

I have no idea that in the last five years my life is going to be so different. I am a mother again to a baby boy and now a five years old boy. I thought I know everything there is to know about raising a boy. Wow! What a challenge this time around.

I have in a my hand a child that was born in a world where internet is the norm. Smartphones and gadgets are the things people are addicted to. Technology all around and kids don't play outside anymore. Nowadays kids get bully and stalk online. It is not an easy thing for someone like me (the older generation parent) to parent a millennial generation. 

One thing that I have not realized how addictive smart device is to small children. I wanted to refrain him from touching one but people around him used one for everything. I can't even have a backup alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. I solely depend on my smart phone as my alarm clock.

I am trying so hard to separate my boy from a smart devices, seducing him with other things like toys, puzzles, pen and paper. 

HanifHanif Hanif

With all my other kids has already grown up and have their own lives to live , sometimes I just forgot that the only thing that he needs and want right now is me- his mother. I will definitely going to miss this moment so much. They way he look up to me, the way he kept calling my name when he didn't see me , the way he look for me when I am away from him for more than ten minutes, the way he touches my lips when he wants to sleep or when he wants to calm himself down and the way he hugs and kisses me. This moment will not last forever. 

Hanif Hanif

Taking a selfie with him was definitely fun. I becomes more amazing when I use beauty app and apply virtual makeup. I need to be more playful with me. Play more real world games and help him to embrace his childhood. Hemmm where did I put my old books about playful parenting.


Life is too short to be trapped inside a virtual world. Life is too beautiful not to enjoy and embrace.

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