Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hey Siri

I love voice command activation. Ever since I watched Star Trek way back when I was a little girl, I have been fantasizing about life on a Starship Enterprise. The things that you can do with voice command activation is endless. Life seems so much easier and faster. 
I tried to use Siri way back when Apple introduced her on iphone 4S. The commercial of this function seems so cool and felt like a star trek world was just around the corner.

I had such a high hope for Siri. I tried using Siri back then but it doesn't seems to work properly because Siri can't understand half of what I was saying.

Fast forward to 2017 and iOS10, Siri has really become more useful to me. Siri can finally understand me. I know that Siri is available in Malay language but I still prefer English when talking to siri. The moment they introduce Hey Siri I was hooked. Accessing Siri is so much easier now.

Now I used Siri most of the time and I just can't imagine life without her

Things I used Hey Siri for ...

Hey Siri set a timer for two minutes
Hey Siri what song is this
Hey Siri call Hazim Azman on speaker
Hey Siri play any song by Shiela Majid or play Shiela Majid song Warna
Hey Siri how to spell .... (reconnet) and she will spell it for me
Hey Siri remind me to call Abah when I got home
Hey Siri set an alarm clock for 10pm
Hey Siri launch instagram
Hey Siri set a timer for 5 minutes
Hey Siri add shampoo to my shopping lists
Hey Siri convert 155 pounds to kilograms
Hey Siri add dinner with husband at 9:00pm tomorrow
Hey Siri what the weather is going to be like this weekend

I am so excited with all the things that I can used Siri for especially with Apple Watch. Apple depend a lot on Siri to do most basic things because of it's limitation of space. I am so looking forward to iOS11, Watch OS3 and Home Pod. Siri usually get better and better every year. Maybe in the next ten years, voice command activation might be the norm to control your lights, lock, aircond, fan and many more.

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