Friday, July 21, 2017

Assalamualaikum pada Dunia // P365 up to day 202

The thing about life is nothing is stress free. Life is hard because you have to live in it. The little moments in life that helps put thing in perspective. Life can be beautiful when you change your perspective and find the beauty in everyday. This is what Project 365 meant to me. This project helps me to find the beauty and things to be thankful every single day. 

Day 195/365 - It's Eid feast at the office. Just us, enjoying each other's company, take lots of photos and eat a lot of food. I really really tried to control my food in take. Hopefully I did not gain a lot of weights. hehehe

Day 195-365

Day 196/365- On Saturday, my youngest wasn't feeling so good. He had a mild fever and was coughing all night. I took him to the clinic for check up. Thankfully his fever was under control. In the evening I went to Mercu Optometry for eye check up and upgrade my glasses. Finding the right frame was a challenge for me. I need something that is up to date and not make me look old. heheh

Day 196-365

Day 197/365- On Sunday I took my daughter to the same optometry to check her vision. Well it is definitely her time to upgrade to a new power because she can't see far. Her vision was at 30% visibility only.

Day 197-365

Day 198/365- Happy Eid at the Office and this time it's with everyone and with our minister. The great thing about today was so many beautiful booth and so many free food for the taking.

Day 198-365

Day 199/365- It's time to get serious and keeping touch with our unfinished projects for this year. I just redecorate my office and I am in love with it. This makes me want to be at work early and enjoy the cozy feeling I get when I entered this room.

Day 199-365

Day 200/365- I attend another technology update and this time it was from CISCO. Everybody is talking about Industry 4.0 and how they can help to make our work / life better.

Day 200-365

Day 201/365- The day I decided to try Spotify. I signed up with Maxis to get 30 days free trial. I want to see what the fuss is all about. I am still trying to figure out how the premium version works. I am not sure if I can change the user interface. I kinda prefer the white and clean design of Apple Music. So far Spotify has all of the music that I love.

Day 201-365

Day 202/365- Today is the last Friday in Syawal month. Another Jamuan Raya (Eid fest) hosted by PERJASA. The best thing about this kind of event we got to meet some old acquaintance, networking, selfie, photography session and free food.

Day 202-365


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