Monday, June 19, 2017

Where is my apple watch now?

I have been using the apple watch ever since 2015 when it was first introduced. I love wearing watch so naturally I was curious about a smart watch. I bought a rose gold 38mm model. As always the first generation of anything is not as good as the latest edition. Back then the battery life was horrible and I have to constantly charge it. At that time my goal was to loose weight and I wasn't benefit as much in terms of being active because I cannot constantly see my steps without draining the battery life.

Early 2016 I bought a fitbit alta because most of youtubers were talking about it and that device looked so cute. I slowly ditching my apple watch for fitbit alta and I was missing my Michael Kors watch so much.

where is my apple watch?

And then in late 2016, apple watch series 2 was born and I am falling in love with this device once again. I just cannot bring myself to ditch rose gold color so this time around I decided to get Apple Watch Series 2 42mm instead. I feel like I am going to need a larger screen for the things I wanted to do. ]

The second generation is a game changer for me. Ever since I put on the watch, I have been wearing it constantly and I just can't live without it. I have ditched my fitbit all together. I am amaze with the battery life and all the things that this watch can do for me. I think Watch OS 3 has something to do with it. With the new OS you can use your photo as a watch face. Not only that you can add complication as well. A lot of third party application has also made available on the apple watch which make your day to day life much more simpler and easier.

On a daily basis I use my Apple watch for
  • making calls while I was driving
  • taking calls when I am away from my phone
  • my alarm clock when I take an afternoon nap
  • tracking my steps - I used pedometer app
  • tracking my activities and workouts with apple workout app
  • login to my iMac
  • alert for solah
  • as a remote for my apple tv 
  • remote for my iphone camera - it comes in handy when I want to take selfie with the back camera
  • pinging my phone when I forgot where I put it especially when it was lost some where in my handbag
I have not yet used my apple watch to set reminders, adding things to my checklist or todoist, adding notes and ideas to evernote or draft. I might slowly migrate that workflow to my watch sometime in the future. 

Other than the obsession with the watch I am also obsess with apple watch bands. I have used the band from apple and other third party brand , I still preferred the brand from apple especially for the sport band and the nylon band.

I am looking forward to WatchOS4 which I think is so much cooler. I really need Siri ability as a translator ( this feel like a Star Trek theme). Maybe Siri will evolve and become a universal translator.

I totally agree with what Andrew said in this video. Nothing can beat apple yet in smart world market. There's nothing like it. Apple watch is definitely the best accessory for your iphone. - like the apple pencil is to ipad pro. 

I highly highly recommend Apple Watch to everyone who has an iPhone. You will not disappoint.

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