Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ramadandaily // Day 09

Day 9 //Ramadandaily
day 155/365

day 155-365

It's magic. Who knew one day people will be reciting Quran from their smart watch. Back in 2015 when Apple Smart watch was introduced people has mixed feelings about it. I love it. I am always a watch person and I love writs watch. So naturally I would buy one. Now after using the watch for almost two years I can honestly say that this watch has improve my lifestyle. Other than using the watch to tell time, I can use it to count my steps, plan my day, call my kids, use as a remote for my camera phone and for my apple tv and I can use the watch as my alarm. Now I rarely ware any other watch. I even ditch my fitbit charge for this. I solely ware apple watch as my main watch.

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