Saturday, June 3, 2017

Just Be Kind

Lately I have been wondering what happened to the world today. Violence and taking matter into our hands have become the things people do in the name of justice.

It really bother me a lot when the things that we fight for are more for personal agenda and not for Islam or for Allah. I feel so sick with the news and my Facebook feed with all the news about bullies, terrorist attacks, bombing and many other violence things people do to each other. Besides the physical abuse we also participate in verbal or written abuse. Leaving hate comments on things or people that we don't like for the sake of saying something. If we don't have any good thing to say about somebody it's better not to say anything at all. The art of giving advice has lost on us. We want to right the wrong but we forgot to be nice. 

What happened to just being kind? Is it something that we have unlearned or is it something that we never really learn? Hemmmmm 

We seems to forget how Allah teaches the people before us about slaves. The way Allah band slaves from the society was not by killing all the people that owned slaves at once but by adding "free a slave" as one of the thing that we can do to pay for our sins. Over time there are no more slaves to free. Now we have become a society without slaves. There are many beautiful examples like this in Islam, we just have to look at our Prophet Muhammad. How kind he was to others who wrong him, how kind he was to his children and grandchildren. 

It's something to think about, to think hard and to implement in our daily lives. Just be kind. If Allah can be kind to us than why can't we?

Be Kind - a blog post
(photo credit - taken from Over app)

Be Kind to yourself
Be Kind to others
Be Kind to wild life
Be Kind to other animals
Be Kind to your enemies
Be Kind to people who wrong you
Be Kind to children
Be Kind to your possession
Be Kind to your wife
Be Kind to your husband
Be Kind to your facebook friend
Be Kind to your leader
Be Kind to your boss
Be Kind to your employees
Be Kind to your family
Be Kind to your virtual friends
Be Kind to your social media followers
Be Kind to your body
Be Kind to your soul
Be Kind to your home
Be Kind to strangers

..... with your words
..... with your actions
..... with your thoughts
....... with your mind

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