Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 177 - Day 181

Day 177:365
 Day 177-365
Second Syawal at Bukit Batu. I love this place. There are so many beautiful place for a beautiful photoshoot. We also visit my aunt at Parit Kemang. She looks like my mom. I miss my mom so much.

 Day 178:365
 Day 178-365
Third Syawal and I was introduced to Bukit Batu Laut. I never knew that this place exist.

Day 179:365
 Day 179-365
The day we left for JB from Bukit Batu. Saying goodbye to my in laws, nieces, nephews and grandchildren (this is what happened when your nieces and nephews got married and have kids hehehe)

Day 180:365
 Day 180-365
At JB before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. I love this outfit from Hanna Tajima latest collection. I think I might grab another color.

Day 181:365
 Day 181-365
The most historical event of my life! This is the day I finally bought my first macbook pro. I have been putting this laptop in my wish lists like forever. I can't believe that finally today I am able to buy one for myself. It's the new 2017 edition. I have been doing a lot of research and review on this machine and decided on the 13" model with touch bar. I am not sure how useful the touch bar will be but I am hoping that I will get use to it soon. Oh I also bought the infamous airpod. This device work so well with all the apple device. I can't wait to try it.

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