Monday, May 1, 2017

The Last Day of April 2017

the last day of April

Things I want to remember about April

  • I hike Mount Irau at Cameron Highland for the second time
  • I feel like this month is moving way too fast for me
  • I decided to jump into Hiking and Camping bandwagon this month. I am scared and excited at the same time
  • Researching and hunting for things related to camping gear
  • I discovered a different world when I watched a few hiking and camping youtube videos. These made me want to take a year off from work and just live in the moment. This is not something that I am comfortable with but I entertain the idea a lot lately
  • I went back to my hometown to visit my father. 
  • Brand like Coleman, Osprey, Deuter, Brook started to creep on my radar
  • I am obsess with weight lifting this month especially with Master's Hammer and Chisel Program. I buy a new dumbell this month - 15 pounds
  • I started to do morning pages almost daily on DayOne app but somehow I didn't get a change to them for about four days now. I really enjoy doing my Morning Pages. I need to dedicate twenty minutes in the morning just for this, it's challenging but I am going to try
  • I discovered Todoist app and I have a chance to try the full version for a month. I did enjoyed using them but I need to make it a part of my daily routine
  • I bought a digital bullet journal from Etsy to use on my GoodNotes app. I am loving the bullet journal so far. I have set it up for May. I might migrate all of my planner and fitness journal in here
  • Beautiful new apple watch band
  • Fast and Furious 8. I love this movie so much. I watched it twice
  • Hanif is 5 years old this month
  • I discovered Moldiv app for digital scrapbooking on my phone
  • Marathon watching 13 reasons why on Netflix

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