Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ramadandaily // Day 2

Day2 // Ramadandaily 
Day 148/365

 Day 148-365

Second day of fasting and I am already in the mood for spring cleaning. After suboh I was so full of energy that I can't stop cleaning my closet. I am determine to make room for new clothes. I have not done any "raya shopping" a.k.a looking for new outfit. I am determine to loose a few kilos during this fasting month before I buy any new clothes. I hope this will be the motivation that I need to keep my weight within the healthy range.

Today I decided to cook for iftar. So we went to Giant Hypermarket to buy a few ingredients needed for the dish. My to do lists was less than 10 items and yet the price for all of them were almost RM200. So expensive and that was at Giant the place where the price should be at the lowest. The things that makes you go hemmm....

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