Saturday, May 27, 2017

--Project 365 - day 137 - day 146 --

It's that time again where I posted and share my photos. I cannot believe that it's almost day 150. Time does fly faster when I am doing Project 365 because I am very aware of the dates and the number of days.

Day 137:365
Day 137-365
My baby is not so baby. He loves to play lego at the moment and he also loves to leave these lego parts all over the house.

Day 138:365
Day 138-365
I just got this photo of me with kain batik at Langsir waterfall. I am also currently listening to Memory Man audiobook. 

Day 139:365

Day 139-365
It's Friday and we decided to have lunch at Padi house. I didn't feel like going out to the mall. All I was thinking about was sleep. Power nap is the best 

Day 140:365

Day 140-365
It's Saturday and my son school host Sports Day and I have to be there at 7:30am. And today is also my brother's birthday. I facetime him to wish him Happy Birthday.

Day 141/365

Day 141-365
What better way to spend my weekend other than hanging out at home while binge watching hulu and cbs all access. I am currently catching up on Scorpion Season 3.

Day 142:365

Day 142-365
Monday is here again. Today I decided to wear baju kurung and pink instant shawl. Dressing up in the morning really help boost my mood for the day.

Day 143:365

Day 143-365
This is the day we decided to climb the stairs in preparation for Ramadan. I love doing this activity in the morning. It's like a morning coffee for me.

Day 144:365

Day 144-365
Another day, another activity. Now with the addition of another team member. The view is definitely beautiful this time of the day.

Day 145:365

Day 145-365
Handing out dates to all the staffs before Ramadan. This is one of our club tradition for as long as I can remember. I am so excited in two days we will meet Ramadan, Insya Allah. Amin

Day 146:365
Day 146-365
The last day before Ramadan, it's Friday and it's not raining outside. What better way to start the day other than walking, listen to bird chirping and smell the flower so to speak. Life is good, life is beautiful.

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