Friday, May 26, 2017

Photo book 2017 Volume 1

I have been a customer for a really long time. I choose this company because they offered 11" x 11" size which is close enough to 12"x12" size of my scrapbook pages.

For this year edition I decided to try their new 11"x11" layflat photo book. The price for a book like this is more than RM300 if you have more than 22 pages. I usually wait for at least 60% discount from photobook before I print my book. Lucky for me always have sales.

I ordered this book on Saturday and I received this book on Wednesday. This type of photobook comes with a box to hold the photobook and the paper used is a big thicker than the normal one. I am not really a fan of a thick paper but I like a layflat book.


Front page
I have already made these pages with Project Life app. I saved these layouts on Dropbox and when it's time to assemble the book, I just add all of these layouts in the photobook app and arranged them according to what I like. I do not use the pre-made template that comes with 11x11 template.

Untitled the page 3 the page 2 Back page The whole package
I don't think I will repeat this type of photobook. I enjoy the normal 11x11 size even though it does not lay flat.

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