Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May is for,,

May is for

May is for ..
  • Hiking and Camping to CBL Terengganu , oh boy! I'm in trouble
  • Preparation for the trip which can be challenging -- a Marry Poppin style traveler who is trying to adopt minimalist
  • Hazim’s birthday is this month
  • Trying to host a BBQ party 
  • Planning for Guilin and Turkey trip, hopefully it will come true
  • Save some money for Eid and travel
  • Ramadan is this month, so I need to prepare myself mentally and physically. Not so much on eating less and drink less during the day but to face the people and the very very bad traffic.
  • Buy dates for hiking and fasting
  • School holiday at the end of this month. 
  • I still have not updates about books that I have read so far. I need to do so this month. I need to finish reading Woman in Cabin 10 and Zero Day which I think I can finished by this week. I have so many books line up to be read in my kindle and in my audible. Some are not the same book.
  •  I will continue doing Master’s Hammer and Chisel this month. I think in June I will start doing 21 days fix again and then 21 days fix extreme. After that I might try core de force

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