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Hike this : CBL {Chemerong, Berembun, Langsir}

Date: 13 May - 15 May 2017
Place: Terengganu
Height: Chemerong Waterfall 1214 feet (370 meter), Gunung Berembun 3405 feet (1038 meter), Lansir Waterfall 2628 feet (801 Meter) .
Party of 12 with one guide
Permit: RM 5.00

I have no idea why I decided to join this trip - 3 days and 2 nights to CBL. It has been a long time since the last time I did hiking and camping. Sleeping in a forest is not something that I am excited to do. Since my word for this year is CONNECT, I decided to join this hiking and camping trip to be connected to nature and enjoy life in the wild for a little bit. Disconnect from modern world and internet and get connected with environment for once.

Day 00: 12 May 2017
We started our journey from Kuala Lumpur to R&R Paka on Friday night. Rest for the night at R&R Paka.

Day 01: 13 May 2017
It took about one hour drive from R&R Paka to Hutan Lipur Chemerong. We arrived at about 7:50am. The gate open at 8:00 am

IMG_6479 IMG_6481

We divided rations and have breakfast.
Started our adventure around 10:35am from the starting point. I was so nervous because I am not used to camping lifestyle in the woods.

IMG_6496 IMG_6506 IMG_6523

SubhanAllah  this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in a forest. This definitely bring tears to my eyes. I am so thankful that I have the chance to see this.



Wow! What a challenging trail. When you start climbing you will go up and up and up until you reach the top of Bukit Taubat. I felt like my whole body hurt from doing lots of climbing. And it also started to rain on the way to Bukit Taubat.


We took a break at Camp Balak for lunch around 3:46 pm

We have to walk a.k.a climbing the trail for another hour to reach the next Camp site - Camp Y
to set up for the night.
We arrived at Camp Y around 6:20 pm


Statistic for the first day (fitbit charge 2)
Total calories burn: 4162 
steps taken: 22492 
Distance: 14.3km 
Stairs taken: 187 
Workout: 396 minutes 

Day 02: 14 May 2017
Morning at Camp Y was cold and fresh. We have our breakfast here and some of us do some fishing. There's a lot of fish here for those who loves fishing.


We started packing and get ready to hike to Camp Langsir

Started our journey around 11:15 am. It's going to take us about 4 to 5 hours to reach the next camp site.

Taking a break at Pokok Meraga Berlubang at 12:45pm

IMG_6783 IMG_6805
Arrived at Taman Bonzai around 1:40 am. We are now entering Gunung Berembun. Such a beautiful sight. 

IMG_6814 IMG_6839 IMG_6852
Arrived at Gunung Berembun peak around 2:00pm. Rest and have lunch.

IMG_6868 IMG_6881
At 3:00pm, we continue our journey to Camp Langsir. The trail was a bit challenging for me because it was descending to almost 90 degree. For someone who afraid of heights like me can be a bit tough.

We arrived at Camp Langsir around 4:45pm. We setup flyer and tent quickly because it's about to rain. Alhamdulillah we managed to setup our tent before it rains heavily. I am so thankful that I decided to invest in Coleman 4 Person tent which is waterproof.

Cooking our meal was a bit challenging in the rain with limited dry space.
Alhamdulillah our dinner was served and made with love and determination from the team. 

My body hurts all over especially my feet. I slept early that night because I was so tired and I didn't feel like eating anything else after 9:00pm.

Statistic for the second day

Steps taken: 15775
Total Calories burn: 2916
Distance: 10.64km
Stairs Climb:111

Active Minutes: 197 minutes 

Day 03: 15 May 2017

What a beautiful sight to wake up to. The weather was great and I decided to check out the view at Langsir Waterfall.

CBL-2 IMG_7004
I managed to do some reading while the team swim at Jeram Lesung. I can really get used to this view. So beautiful!

At 10:59am we started our journey back to civilisation. The estimate time is about seven hours.


Taking a break at Sungai Bangan at 12:00pm

Arrived at Seraya Besar at 2:25pm. I have my lunch here. 
We arrived at Camp Balak at about 3:30pm. Rest and solah here for about forty minutes. I was so tired that I totally forgot to take any photos. I was so ready to go home.

We meet Bukit Taubat again.


Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at the starting point around 6:00 pm. I can't believed that I survived 3 days and 2 nights in the forest. This is definitely outside of my comfort zone.

Statistic for the third day

Steps taken: 26235
Stairs climb: 131
Total Calories Burn: 3888

Active Minutes: 392

This is definitely one of the toughest trail I have ever did. Once is definitely enough for me. If you asked me today, if I want to repeat this trail, my answer is definitely NO.

I still enjoy the challenge and the view is definitely worth the hardship. I still recommend this trail to anyone who loves nature and adventure. Being away from technology and modern world is definitely good for the soul.

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