Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day in a life (23.05.2017)

I have no idea why suddenly I have the urge to do this project today. It has been a really long time since the last time I took photos of my life at work or took photos just for fun. I have not hold a DSLR camera in a really long time. In April I decided to invest in semi professional camera Canon G7 Mark II because I need a camera that can last a few days without charging. I have not play as much as like with this camera and I need to rectify that. So today I decided to use this camera as often as I can and capture life from a point and shoot camera.

7:15am // My commute to work is a bit longer than it should so I decided to listen to Memory Man audiobook. I have not read any boom from Amos Decker series. I can't wait to get into this story and fall in love with a new character.

8:00am // A few days before fasting, I decided to climb the stairs with gengpanjattangga. It has been a really long time since the last time we did this. I am suppose to be at Putrajaya Shangri-la but I have meeting this afternoon that I have to attend at PICC.

9:30am // Me at my desk trying to get things done but I just realise that I need to get a photo of me at my desk. I use my apple watch as a time to get this shot from my iphone.

My morning coffee ☕️ this morning is Perl Cafe Premium Gold. This should keep me up for today and keep me younger a little bit longer 😁 


12:50pm // Lunch today : Chicken salad and mushroom soup at Secret Recipe Restaurant. 


1:30pm // Done Zohor Prayer and time to get ready for work. I did not take any power nap today. I have to get ready for my next meeting which is outside of the office


2:15 pm// Meeting at Putrajaya International Convention Center.

4:15pm // Oh boy I am already hungry. Eating salad and mushroom soup for lunch can't satisfied me until 6:00pm . Too bad they don't provide any food during meeting anymore.

5:35pm // I was late getting home from work. The traffic has already heavy. I am so hungry now that all I can think about was food.

6:28pm // We are at out favourite place. I am so ready to have my dinner now. I am still waiting for my food.

6:38pm // I have no idea why I am craving for roti canai. It has been a long time since the last time I had one of this. I am not losing any weight, so what the heck right?


8:06pm // I am winding down by watching iZombie season 3. I thought this show was canceled. Since this show belong to the CW network and I can't watch this on hulu, I have to do this the old fashion way, download these series from torrent.

A day in a life / A Week in a life - is a memory keeping project from aliedwards.com. Check her out for more ideas on how to approach this kind of project.

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