Tuesday, April 18, 2017

🍎 Project 365.2017 [Day 104 - 107]

I cannot express how much I enjoy doing Project 365. After taking a year off from doing this project I felt like I missed a lot of the little things that happened in a day. We tend to remember and focus more on the big things and we rarely took the time to document the every day.


Day 104-365 [14.04.2107]

Day 104-365
I took the day off from work today because I have a lot of packing to do before going to Cameron Highland. I decided to repeat Mount Irau again this year just to see if anything changes. So this morning I have time to take this little boy for breakfast before sending him to school. 

Day 105-365 [15.04.2017]

Day 105-365
It's Saturday and it's time to hike Mossey Forest via Mount Irau, Cameron Highland. This time there was 39 of us in a group lead by Hafeez. There's only three NREHikers who decide to repeat hiking this trail. Even though I am not a fan of nature and being in the wild I still appreciate the view. 

Day 106-365 [16.04.2017]

Day 106-365
On the way back to Bangi, we stop at Bharat Tea Plantation for a cup of tea and enjoying the view.

Day 107-365 [17.04.2017]

Day 107-365
It's Monday and I felt like crawling into bed. My body hurts and I was too tired to think about work. During lunch break I write in my morning pages journal and catching up on Riverdale latest episodes.

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