Thursday, April 20, 2017

📚📷 Project 365 : Day 108 and Day 109

Day 108 [18.04.2017]
It feels like forever since the last time I took selfie in a car. I used to take a selfie in my car on my way to work every singel day. I feel so happy to see myself evolve over the years. I think ever since I started work early and I didn't have decent light I didn't take as many selfie as I used to. Now we that we started to get decent light at 7:00 am I might incline to take self portrait again.

Day 109 [19.04..2017]

Another Wednesday evening in the way back from work. This road should not be heavy with traffic but it did. I have no idea why 💡? One of the things that bugs me on daily basis. Where did all of these cars came from?

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