Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Project Life App Process

Project Life has definitely transformed the way I document my memories on day to day basis. It really has changed the way I looked at scrapbooking. I no longer see scrapbooking as one 12x12 page with one or two images with pretty decorations and heavy embellishment. The system is so simple that anybody can do it with as little time as possible. 

The Project Life app has become my main app for creating the basic project life layout. I also use Phonto app and Over app to add text and elements on the layout. I can't believe that I have used Adobe Photoshop software less and less for digital scrapbooking. Now I did 99.5% digital scrapbooking on my phone thanks to Project Life app!
Me and Aisya

I am a digi gal all the way. I have been taking digital photography for more than fifteen years. I still remember the first digital camera I bought was a sony digital point and shoot camera that cost more than RM3000. Now you can get a DSLR camera with that price. 
So I have accumulate a lot of digital photos over the years. Some of them are still sitting inside my CDs.. Oo that reminds me - I have to get all those photos into external storage or cloud storage if I still want access to them. Most of my digital photos are already on flickr and some of them are on my personal cloud. Digital photo management is the key to a good memory keeping habit.

Since I took photos almost on a daily basis, it's logical for me to organise my photos in a yearly folders and then monthly folders. I know I should have tag those photos by events but I just didn't do it. Majority of my photos are from daily life nothing major or life changing events.

I have tons of Digital Scrapbook Kits and Project Life digital kit on my computer which I organised by alphabetical order in my dropbox so I have access to them all the time from my mobile devices.
My process goes something like this:
1. I have photos from current week on my phone which sometimes I edit them on the go with editing app like Colorstory or Pictapgo. 
2. I open project life app on my phone and decide which template to use. My decision is usually base on how many photos I want to include in a layout.
3. I tap on the photo mat and add photos
4. Then I tap on a photo mate that I want to add Project Life journal card. I either choose some from inside the app or choose some from dropbox
5. Sometimes I add the title and journalling from project life app. Then I was done
6. If I want to add text on an image or do journaling outside project life app or add a few elements, I usually go to either Photo app or Over app.
Then I was done. I usually transferred all of my finished photos to dropbox
Once every six months I will design a photo book album using Photobook software on my computer and send them for printing. I didn't use in app photo book option because it's still not available to ship internationally and besides the currency exchange is way too high!
That's it , very straight forward and simple. I got most of the pages done in less than 10 minutes. My problem with Project Life app is I am always caught up and I ran out of photos to scrap easily.


If you have not heard of Project life app, you are going to fall in love with this app in a second. There's nothing like it. It's a solution I have been waiting for my whole life.

If you have download the app, what are you waiting for? Go and make many layouts with it.

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