Monday, April 17, 2017

Hike this: Mount Irau {ON REPEAT}

Date: 15 April 2017 [Saturday]
Place: Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia
Mount: Mount Irau
Height: 2110 meters
Facts: "Mount Irau (Malay: Gunung Irau) is a high mountain located at Pahang. Its summit is 2110 metres (6922 feet), making it the 15th highest mountain in Malaysia. Mossy forest and fairyland, cold wind and misty clouds; are some of the characteristics at Irau. One must hike about three hours to reach Irau from the base of the mountain." excerpt from Wikipedia


This is the second time I hike Mount Irau in less then a year. Last year in August I already conquered Mount Irau with my office mate. First time around I was so tired and I cannot walked for about a week.


This time around my legs and feet still hurt due to trying so hard to avoid muddy trail but the recovery time is much more faster. Alhamdulillah I am still alive and healthy to tell the tail. 


I have no idea why I wanted to torture myself again after last year adventure. Maybe because I wanted to see if this time around will be different than the last time. Maybe I just wanted to hike with my brother and sister in law. Maybe I am addicted to pain and suffering.

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There was about 39 people in my group. This is the second time I joined a big group of hikers. I preferred a smaller group because we can really get to know each other. In a bigger group like this we tend to not talk to people we don't know and we tend to forget their names. Alhamdulillah that this time around there's nothing bad happened and we made it back safely.

Starting point at 9:15 am and arrived safely at the base around 5:50pm. Since Mossy Forest is one of the popular place for people to go hiking, there's nothing much they can do to improve the trail. My overall experience was still great since I think I have improved a lot since the first time I was here. I am a bit more fit but I still can't hike non stop. I still need to take a break once in a while even though my hubby kept walking. I really like to enjoy the view and see flora around me.

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There's nothing I could do to stop my shoes from this mud. All I can do is pray that these shoes will last at least until I finished this trail.

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Posing in front of the new signboard at Mount Irau Summit. They should put NRE slogan #negarakualamsekitarku on the new signboard. And where is Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar on the board? Hemmmm...

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"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"~ Coco Channel

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