Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Finding gratitude at work (even though it's suck!)

I have been working a 8-5 job for more than twenty years. I have never been unemployed before, I am constantly working even when I was in college. Being stuck in 8-5 job with punch card to worry about every single day can really make someone loose their minds.

This is where gratitude play an important role. Gratitude helps me to see the good in what I have, instead of the bad. It's a habit worth grooming. You do need to train your mind to see the good in things, the goos in every day life otherwise you tend to see the negatives.

Here are my 5 ways of finding gratitude at work (even though it's suck)

1. Schedule daily workout session at the office. Instead of taking a cup of coffee I do 25 minutes of cardio in my room just to get my heart pumping and get excited for work. This is kind of a warm up for me before I started checking emails and my to do lists.

2. Lunch date with coworker can help improve my mood. Having a great people at work and beautiful relationships can help makes a stressful day at work seems bearable. I am an introvert person and I am trying to be a little bit extrovert with people I know and work with on a daily basis. Being with other people socially is really good for me.

3. Head out from my room and be outside. The feeling of fresh air and sun can lift up my mood in seconds. Being outside is a normal thing for human being. Sitting behind a desk all day is not normal.

4. Walk, walk and walk some more. Hitting 10,000 steps a day has become my goal since last year. I am taking advantage of the stairs at work to help me be more active and get excited about the place where I work

5. Learn new technology. I have always love technologies and I always love to learn new things. Finding and experimenting new ways of doing things has become my obsession at work lately. If only I could convince people at my department to go all mobile and ditched desktop computer all together than I can happily resigned without any regrets.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading these little things I do to make work life a little bit bearable and a little bit fun. We are so much more than our job.

Do you have any tips or little ritual that you do at work to be more productive and happy? Share with me, I want to know

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