Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 96:365 // Sick Child

He has been sick since Sunday. His fever is getting worst each day. He is an active child and loves his iPad so much. So when he doesn't want to touch his iPad at all I am a bit worried. I don't know what to do since he doesn't want to eat or drink anything. No medicine - all he wants to do is sleep. I decided to take him to Az zahra hospital with the intention to admit him. Maybe when a nurse gave him medicine he won't be as rebellious.


It breaks my heart to see him this way, so weak and so sick. It's not the sight that a mother can stand. He was diagnosed with Influenza- the kind of flu symptoms which can cause high fever and muscle ache. Ya Allah please let him be okay and healthy as always. I love him so much and I want the opportunity to be his mother


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Get well soonest, handsome boy.. Iza, stay strong n keep on praying for his recovery... Huggss..

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