Saturday, April 8, 2017

13 Reasons Why // Netflix

I cannot believed how addicted this Series are. I heard about the book way back on 2012 but somehow I didn't have the heart to read it. Story about teenage suicide is kinda depressing to read about. And then this year I saw 13 reasons why on Netflix and I was not sure if I want to watch it. Then on Thursday night I watched Christine Riccio's review of this tv series and I got curious.

I started watching the show on Friday morning and I can't stop watching it until Saturday night. I wanted to skip ahead to the last episodes just to know what happened. Wow! The kind of thing these kids go through on a daily basis is so scary. They are just kids and they are dealing with a lot of heavy stuffs.

[Spoiler Alert!!] 
I just finished the last episode of 13 reasons why and it really breaks my heart. I really hope that Hannah didn't die. Somehow her attempt to commit suicide failed and her parents kept it quiet. She's in a comma somewhere. The scene where she actually do it was really hard to watch. And when her mother found her lifeless like that was even harder. As a mother of teenage kids I know the feeling too well, the fear of loosing your child especially in a tragedy like that is unbearable.

The ending really leave a lot of room for more stories to grow. I really want to see what happened after Mr Porter finished listening to the tapes. What will he do. What would the Baker do after finished listening to her daughter's stories, especially the part about when her daughter was raped? Will Bryce be prosecuted? Where is Justin going? Did Alex kill himself or if other student killed him?  Urgh!!! So many questions left unanswered. I did thought that the last episode going to be the last and I have all my questions answered. Nope. I have rooting for Clay and Hannah since the first episode even though I kinda know what's going to happened. It's such a tragedy that they never had their chance to be together.

If you are a parent or a teenager you need to see this TV show. This is the kind of story that stuck with you till the end. It discuss a lot about hard things like bullying, social outcast, ignorance, friendship, gossip, the butterfly effects and many more. It's about choices that we make, about what we say and do can effect other people and we can never really know what is going on with other people especially their inner struggle. The most important lesson is BE KIND.

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