Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tale as old as time [ Day 62 - Day 66 ]

Can you believe it ?!! We are already in the March and in less than four weeks, the first quarter of the month will be gone. I don't really know why this year moves a little bit faster for me. I think every time I do Project 365, I am more aware of the day that passed and today is day 66 of 365.

Today I saw movie clips and Emma Watson interview for Beauty and the Beast movie. I am suddenly get sucked back to the 1991 when I first saw the animated movie version of Beauty and the Beast. Those were the time where every thing seems so beautiful. The time where the only way to get connected with your loves one was through phone call or by mail.

I am so looking forward to watch the new movie of Beauty and the Beast next week. I love the musics and I love Belle. When I rewatched Beauty and the Beast (1991) for the 10th time, I was hit by how we took reading for granted. In that world, people didn't appreciate woman who read. Reading will promote imagination and thinking - and men didn't like women who can think and have ideas. Right now I do wonder how many women really take the time to read. I mean really read a book, something educational and inspirational. 

Anyway I do take photos daily even though I didn't post them daily on my blog. Here are a few photos that make the cut for day 62 until day 66.

Day 62 // It's Friday and I love Friday
Day 62-365

Day 63

Day 63-365

Day 64 // I spend the whole day with this little boy and I love it

Day 64-365

Day 65 // I print out photos from Pine Tree hiking expedition for my journal

Day 65-365

Day 66 // the day I get sucked into Beauty and the Beast world

Day 66-365

 "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"~ Coco Channel

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