Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sweat Party Part II // CONNECT with MYSELF

I didn't have anything planned this weekend. What better ways to fill productive other than workout the whole morning. I didn't do any workout yesterday because I was not feeling so good. I am glad that I took the day of because this morning I feel like I can do anything.

So I decided to repeat my Sweat Party at home. My goal is to do at least five workouts back to back and see how far I can go. I am really nervous to do Insanity Max 30 Friday Fight Round 1 because I know how gruesome the workout is going to be. So I decided to start with something simple and fun like Country Heat.

Workout One

I started the party with Country Heat Down and Dirty for about 28 minutes. This routine is so much fun that my brain did not registered it as working out. I still burned a good amount of calories which is 120. 

Workout Two

Now it's time for Insanity Max 30. Since I skipped this workout yesterday, I had to push play and get it over with. I did  Insanity Max 30 - Friday Fight Round 1 for 30 minutes. This workout really really left me breathless and makes me want to scream at Shaun T. I maxed out at 8:28. I burned total of 358 calories at the end of the workout.  I have to remind myself not to stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. I took a few minutes break before moving to the next workout.

Workout Three

I decided to do  Master's Chisel - Power Chisel. I love watching these two working out. This is not a very hard weight lifting program but I still burned a good amount of calories about 528 calories at the end of 30 minutes.

Workout Four

Then I decided to do Country Heat again - Trail Ride. I am totally obsessed with Country Heat. It is such a fun workout and I just can't stop thinking about it. This one lasted me about 30 minutes and I burned a few calories to a total of 654.

Workout Five

Now it's time for some core workout. I decided to do 21 day fix Flat Abs Fix  workout for my abs. 30 minutes of abs workout makes me burned about 117 calories and I reached a total of 771 calories burned. 

I love the feeling I got after a great workout. I can feel my heartbeat beating fast and I was sweating all over. I can't believe that by 6:00 pm my total burned has reached 2004 calories. This is not a number I can get to easily. This makes me feel good all over. I am not sure if I will loose any weights but right now I am focusing more on how I feel. And I feel great!

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