Thursday, March 16, 2017

Suddenly this...

Things that have been bugging me lately ...

Suddenly this....
  • doing things on mobile devices has become the norm now
  • social media has become a place for gossip and negativity
  • being kind has become a lost art
  • patriotism has become a thing in the past
  • mobile computing is the "in" thing right now but we are still stuck in a desktop workflow environment
  • punch card feel old fashion right now since most of us work outside 9-5 time frame
  • life outside the box seems so much more interesting
  • the more modern we've become the more money we need. We need money to eat, to move from one place to another, at home with all the electrical things we need to live a comfortable life, water, internet, talking on the phone and many more
  • it's very scary when walking, running, taking the stairs are consider hard work. These things should be the norm.
I do missed life in the old days. You might not get things done faster but at least your quality of life is intact. I used to believe that the faster you can finished your job, the faster you can be at home with your family but  it doesn't happened that way. The more job you can do and finished the more they cut down people / manpower so that one person has to do more than one job. 

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