Friday, March 31, 2017

day 90 and all the things related to it

It's the last day of March! I can't believe that we are moving to the next quarter of the year. I feel like I am living in December because it's raining almost every day.

Day 90-365

I am glad that this little guy is oblivious to the weather or the political mess that has been going around lately. Now I understand why people said that being a child is a bless and never let go of your childhood. Being an adult is not as fun as I imagine. Things has not work out as what I imagine but I am still happy with it. Never in a million years I would have imagine myself being a mother let alone a mother the four beautiful children. All I can say is Alhamdulillah.

And as always I love making a scrapbook layout with the photos taken. Photo 31-03-2017, 10 33 11 PM

I was in the mood of cleaning up tonight. I discovered these old photos of my two boys playing in the park. I just have to make a layout about this. I scanned these photo using Photoscan app with my iPhone and made this layout using Project Life App. In less than 10 minutes I was done. Like Becky always said - Done is better than perfect.

Photo 31-03-2017, 8 41 10 PM

Those were the simplest time. Somehow I felt like I just move through the motion. Those were the time when there wasn't any blog, twitter, facebook, instagram, iPhone and digital camera was expensive. I barely remember what I was feeling most of the time. I think I was mostly tired and angry. I wish I had embark on scrapbook early on and it can really make me a happier person back then.

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